Excelytics YouTube Channel

What is so special about it?

In YouTube we have so many videos about what all we can do with different data analytics tools.

But we are going to launch a series of videos about What we should not do? / What does not work?

As part of this series of videos we picked one of the world's best data analytics tool, EXCEL.

Here's our first video on What we should not do in Excel?

Excelytics WhatsApp Group

✅ Dos

1. Post your Excel/VBA/Access/SQL/PowerBI/Tableau/Any other data analytics tools' related queries only. If possible, share the screenshot of your requirement

2. Explain your query/requirement in detail so as to avoid any further questions

3. When we (Excelytics Team) post any query/challenge try to answer them. If someone answers it and if you have an any better alternative, share with the group

❌ Dont's

1. Do not post any Greetings (Ex: Good Morning All or Happy Diwali/Ramzan/Christmas)

2. Do not post anything which is not relevant to your learning

3. Do not post any forward message

                (a) Ex1: Forward this message to 3 groups and 10 people and you will get a recharge of Rs.420

                (b) Ex2: NASA warns all mobile users to Keep phones away from you between 12:30-3:30 IST, as Mars moves close to may release a high amount of radiation. Please share with near and dear ones.

                (c) Ex3: Please stop drinking frooti, one worker having AIDS died in the Parle factory & his blood got mixed in Frooti.

                (d) Ex4: Magic....


If u send this to 5 persons

it will automatically open


Please adhere to this group's dos and don'ts. We are expecting your co-operation to make your learning much more interesting.

Happy Learning.