Data Analysis & Visualization in Excel
This "Data Analysis & Visualization in Excel" course is designed to appeal to a range of audience and promises to deliver a life-long, non-traditional skill - making information more accessible and intuitive with compelling data visualizations. We ensure you GET IT and don’t FORGET IT! Classroom sessions are interactive and highly visual. More real-life stories instead of lecturing. Lots of challenges, exercises, and thought-provoking questions. Learn the course for a good spin!

In this course, you will learn Power Pivot, Power Query, 70 types of charts, and 4 interactive dashboards using real-time data and build them from scratch. Learn this course and master data analysis and visualization.
Why should you learn Data Analysis course? 
1.  Data analysis is now a top priority for top organizations
2. Huge job opportunities
3. Increasing pay for data analytics professionals
4. Easy to start your unbreakable career
5. Fast career growth
6. You will have various job titles like Metrics and Analytics Specialist, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, Data Analytics Consultant, MIS Analyst and many more...
7. Key Decision-Making Power
8. It's only becoming more important day by day
9. Develop new revenue streams
10. Work with Recognized companies
11. Improve your Microsoft Excel Skills
12. Become an Excellent Communicator
13. Gain problem solving skills
14. Analytics is everywhere
Who can learn this?
Every Excel user who wants to grow in their career in the world of data analytics
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