The Course for Addressing Real-World Problems
Dissatisfied with how you are handling data now and know there must be a better way? Or have you attempted to learn Access before and been confused with courses that don't seem to address real world problems, or explain the basics before burying you in an avalanche of detail? Join us to understand how Access is constructed and how to use the major objects within it. Be confident in moving around within Access and be able to build effective database solutions for your/your Customer's unique data needs. Starting with the absolute basics, these courses will take you to the next level in data management. Being a Data Rock Star is more important than ever. To stand out in the workplace, it's essential to be able to find information fast and to identify game-changing insights
Taught by professionals with a practical approach, we also pay attention to your unique needs.
Originally conceived as an institute dedicated to everything MS Excel, we have mastered the art of mentoring students and professionals in all aspects of MS Excel and MS Access. We have by now trained 2000 students from Excel and Access basics to VBA programming.
We are also an authorised Testing Centre for Microsoft Office Specialist. You can take this exam as soon as you complete any of our courses.